World Meditation Event organized by the International Gnosis Institute!

Watch the video to find out what it’s about

Medita Mundi will take place all over the world, in several languages!
f you are looking for everything meditation can offer in an easy way and for FREE: don’t miss this event!

If you are someone who seeks everything that meditation can offer in a simple and FREE way: do not miss this event!


From 24th to 27th October

8pm London time (GMT +1)

You can expect:


An experienced instructor


Clear teachings and techniques


Introduction to the timeless principles of meditation and consciousness.

Medita Mundi is an event for all those in search of themselves.
Those who want to learn practical meditation, the most complete tool available to the human being!

Class 1

What is Meditation and its foundations

Class 2

Objectives and benefits of this age old practice

Class 3

How to meditate in practice

Class 4

Gnosis and the awakening of the consciousness

watch the video

Who is your instructor?

Edward Winfield

Edward is a volunteer instructor at the Gnosis International Institute who has been active for more than 16 years. He held several public lectures and more than 40 courses related to Self-Knowledge by Gnosis, reaching an audience of more than 4500 people.

Edward has been a voluntary instructor in the Gnosis International Institute for more than 16 years. He has given several public lectures as well as over 40 courses on Self-Knowledge through Gnosis,  reaching an audience of more than 4,500 people.

This 4-night worldwide online course on meditation is:

• in-depth

• free of charge

• transformative

You will never view meditation in the same way again..

Late October!
And we have only one suggestion:
don’t miss it! don’t miss it! don’t miss it!


The International Gnosis Institute is a non-profit organization, based on the Gnostic teachings left by the V. M. Samael Aun Weor in the second half of the 20th century.

It is part of an International Gnostic Federation, formed by the V. M. Lakhsmi Daimon, which is active in more than thirty countries worldwide. Its presence in Latin America deserves special mention, especially in Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil. It is also represented in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Spain, France and Italy, as well as in many other countries.

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Other topics studied in the Gnosis Course:
Meditation (the basic: how to do meditationis it possible? Just 10 minute meditation. Learning  meditation techniques, meditation techniques for beginners, start just 10 min meditation, just meditation 10 minutes per day you can change everything.; Questions? Ok! what is asanas? How to meditate? meditation for beginners, how to begin meditation, self meditation and energy meditation and 10 hours of silence. Meditation for weight loss is possible? And, stress relief meditation. Still, what is meditation beadsall about meditation, the difference between mindfulness. And more, know about history of meditation and meditation origin.). Mindfulness (everything about mindful exercises  and mindfulness meditation exercisesclear mind meditation and using the meditation to have mental clarityand ten minute meditation, 10 minutes meditation using mindfulness exercise and silent meditation retreatself introspection and how to meditate spiritually). Spiritual Meditation (exist spiritual meditation exist?; silent meditation, and meditate spiritually, meditation spiritual to chance; advanced knowledge: what is kundalini and kundalini for beginners. Why is kundalini yoga dangerous? kundalini poses and transmuting energy to use everyday.). Prana (learning prana meaning, meditation breathing, pranayogabreathing meditation, prana energy and what is pranadifference between meditating chakras and prana definition). Chackas (chakra mantra about meditating chakras everything for your freedom.; meditation chakras, meditation chakra, chakra meditations, charka meditation and chakras meditation changing feelings and changing lives). Material to Help You (meditation books for beginners; meditation pdf). Quotes (being present quote, quotes on mindfulness to knows and mind power quotespeaceful quotation, peaceful quotes short, calm down quotes, quotes to calm and  quotes calmingrelaxing quotes and relaxation quotes, calming quote and relax quotequotes about mindfulness, buddhist quotes on anxiety, buddhist quote and best short buddha quotes; mindful quotes and zen quotes). Feeling (Meditation: earning to be alone and letting go of fear. Change situations; Meditation: no negative energy and how to let go of anger? Use meditation for this; Meditation: forgive someone that hurt you, emotional characteristics and how to let go of someone who hurt youMeditation: finding peace in chaos and how to make a difficult decisionMeditation: inspirational buddhist sayings and follow your intuition. New Life will start now.). Understanding dreams (dreams meaning, soul dreaming,, god of light, what do dreams mean spiritually, how to interpret my dream, this is a spiritual meaning of not dreaming or spiritual meaning of dreams. And other things like soul travel, spirit dreams,)

Other topics studied in the Gnosis Course:
Meditation (guided, relax, not falling asleep, lotus position, classical music, beginners), Consciousness (attention, focus, strength), Stress (reduce, anxiety, meditate), Dreams (meaning, dreaming of a cobra, dreaming of a mouse, etc…. sleep), Gnosticism (Gnosis, hermeticism), Self-Knowledge Course (self-observation, self-knowledge), Astrology (astral map, signs, ascendant, signs, johfra, horoscope, Esoteric Astrology), Tarot (free, major arcane, minor arcane, emperor, hermit), Prayer (day, morning, evening, saint, holy, Psalm 121, the 12 apostles), Mantram (mantram, mantra, chakras, frontal chakra), Books (Samael Aun Weor, pdf, pistis sophia, sophia), Magic (of the elements, elemental magic, theurgy, elementals of Nature), Symbolism (Temple of Solomon, hermes trismegistus, apocryphal books, kibalion, pentagram meaning, great arcane azf),